Beauty comes from within (or something like that...)

A lot of people think that I look younger than I actually am and ask me for beauty secrets. I got to admit that I am living very unhealthy. I do smoke, drink and I eat whatever I like. (I like junk food, pasta and pizza)

Do I have good genes? Maybe. I know that every botoxed celeb says that and that it sucks but to be honest I think that it is a important factor. The only thing I really care about his a good skincare routine, intensive night sleep and sun blocker.

I clean my face twice a day, I moisturize from the outside and the inside and that´s most basically it. There are some products I can´t live without like Estée Lauder´s Advanced Night Repair Serum or Clarin´s Hydra Quench Lotion because it comes with SPF and it is oil free.

I hope you guys will visit my blog soon again. There will be posts about "How I failed giving up smoking" and "How I struggle with my  daily regimen".




Coming soon...

I am working on different blog posts right now. Posts on the following subjects will be published this week..

  • Books I am reading at the moment and those that are on my wish list
  • How healthy eating improved my life in so many ways. 

As sleeping is a part of my living healthy routine I will head to bed now cause it´s already 1 a.m in europe. 

see ya

Back after a very long break ...


Is this big news ? 
Probably not, but today I felt like today is perfect for a comeback. 

What is the new concept behind the blog? 

I consider the blog as a newborn and I will accompany the blog until it becomes a strong individual. This is the plan. At the beginning, there will be no pictures, no  references to my person and no collaborations. 

Like a person finds its own style when becoming a grown up, my blog will experiment and try to find his own style that suits him and represents me for the best. This project seems really interesting to me because I think that a certain style or a certain lifestyle reflects what is going on in our society. 
Diana Vreeland once said that that one can see an approaching revolution and basically anything else in fashion.

 I hope that by the end of the year I can have look on my blog and say "This is my child. I made this happen."

What will be shown on the blog? 

The blog is about pretty everything the modern male is interested in. In the first place there will be a lot of fashion because fashion is my life. There will be a lot of people saying "WTF, another wanna be fashion editor?" 

No worries. I wont be - I promise. ;) 

Other topics will be Food, Health, Beauty, Travel, Books.

So I hope we can make this baby work. 

Your sincerely, 




The Mendresser will be out of office....

First of all, I wanna thank all my readers for visiting my blog every day. Especially my beloved readers from Russia. You guys are the majority of my readers. I wonder why, but I am really happy because russian man are known to be tasteful.

As this year was very tough, I need a break to recover physically and mentally. When you lose your passion for fashion and esthetics, you have a problem.

I gonna use the summer break to travel and to focus on myself. Probably  I gonna follow a social media detox and focus on my studies.

I hope you will read my blog when it reopens in september.

Thanks for your understanding and a nice summer to you all :)



Bye bye my beloved GOLD´s

First, I have to admit that I am a passionate smoker. Due to health problems, my physician considered me to stop smoking. NO BIG NEWS SO FAR. It`s not healthy , it is disgusting , makes your skin ugly and so on.

During the last weeks , I had a lot of stress, so I was not ready to give it up. But today I had the need to quit. I decided to start project SMOKE-FREE. I don`t know how to make it but I hope the best. Because I am scared to take weight I gonna start a diet at the same time and the DUCAN DIET it will be.

So far so good , I am off to prepare my project in detail. I gonna enjoy my last cigarette this evening with a lot of passion.  Stay tuned to follow my war against tobacco and weight gain.


your (hopefully) Non-smoking MENDRESSER


Berlin - Europe`s capital ?

Gorgeous Joan Smalls is the new face for this years Berlin fashion week. I think the commercial for the new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake isn`t very spectacular but the car looks nice. I guess in anthracite it will be an eye-catcher. 

I adore Berlin Fashion Week because it´s a mix of established designers such as HUGO (my absolute favorite) and fresh young brands like KAVIAR GAUCHE and LALA BERLIN. 
This years "DESIGNER FOR TOMORROW" Award is hosted by the very talented and in my opinion handsome LOUIS VUITTON designer Marc Jacobs. Let`s see who will be the next upcoming young talent. 
If you wanna see most of the fashionistas during fashion week , stay at HOTEL DE ROME. Apparently all the models stay there during FW.
Have a nice day :) 


Fashion Role Model

Definitely , DEREK BLASBERG. His style is so classy. He looks like a true gentleman of the 21th century. 

What does a man need to look like Derek Blasberg ? 

  • A well cut and tailored suit. I like suits from Prada and Burberry. 
  • Silk tie or a silk bow tie. 
  • Clean leather shoes.
  • An elegant watch. 
  • A belt that matches the shoes. 
  • A very masculine perfume. TOM FORD´S "Tuscan Leather".
  • Dark sunglasses. IT`s : Ralph Lauren , Super , Tod`s.