Beauty comes from within (or something like that...)

A lot of people think that I look younger than I actually am and ask me for beauty secrets. I got to admit that I am living very unhealthy. I do smoke, drink and I eat whatever I like. (I like junk food, pasta and pizza)

Do I have good genes? Maybe. I know that every botoxed celeb says that and that it sucks but to be honest I think that it is a important factor. The only thing I really care about his a good skincare routine, intensive night sleep and sun blocker.

I clean my face twice a day, I moisturize from the outside and the inside and that´s most basically it. There are some products I can´t live without like Estée Lauder´s Advanced Night Repair Serum or Clarin´s Hydra Quench Lotion because it comes with SPF and it is oil free.

I hope you guys will visit my blog soon again. There will be posts about "How I failed giving up smoking" and "How I struggle with my  daily regimen".



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