Beauty comes from within (or something like that...)

A lot of people think that I look younger than I actually am and ask me for beauty secrets. I got to admit that I am living very unhealthy. I do smoke, drink and I eat whatever I like. (I like junk food, pasta and pizza)

Do I have good genes? Maybe. I know that every botoxed celeb says that and that it sucks but to be honest I think that it is a important factor. The only thing I really care about his a good skincare routine, intensive night sleep and sun blocker.

I clean my face twice a day, I moisturize from the outside and the inside and that´s most basically it. There are some products I can´t live without like Estée Lauder´s Advanced Night Repair Serum or Clarin´s Hydra Quench Lotion because it comes with SPF and it is oil free.

I hope you guys will visit my blog soon again. There will be posts about "How I failed giving up smoking" and "How I struggle with my  daily regimen".




Coming soon...

I am working on different blog posts right now. Posts on the following subjects will be published this week..

  • Books I am reading at the moment and those that are on my wish list
  • How healthy eating improved my life in so many ways. 

As sleeping is a part of my living healthy routine I will head to bed now cause it´s already 1 a.m in europe. 

see ya

Back after a very long break ...


Is this big news ? 
Probably not, but today I felt like today is perfect for a comeback. 

What is the new concept behind the blog? 

I consider the blog as a newborn and I will accompany the blog until it becomes a strong individual. This is the plan. At the beginning, there will be no pictures, no  references to my person and no collaborations. 

Like a person finds its own style when becoming a grown up, my blog will experiment and try to find his own style that suits him and represents me for the best. This project seems really interesting to me because I think that a certain style or a certain lifestyle reflects what is going on in our society. 
Diana Vreeland once said that that one can see an approaching revolution and basically anything else in fashion.

 I hope that by the end of the year I can have look on my blog and say "This is my child. I made this happen."

What will be shown on the blog? 

The blog is about pretty everything the modern male is interested in. In the first place there will be a lot of fashion because fashion is my life. There will be a lot of people saying "WTF, another wanna be fashion editor?" 

No worries. I wont be - I promise. ;) 

Other topics will be Food, Health, Beauty, Travel, Books.

So I hope we can make this baby work. 

Your sincerely,